Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Manassas, Virginia


Mission Statement

W e, the parish family of Sacred Heart, do hereby covenant ourselves to God by working to proclaim His Word, build His community, celebrate His liturgy and serve His people. With this covenant and the living witness of Christ as our example, we resolve to:

Provide an atmosphere of warmth, hospitality and love in which our shared faith in Jesus Christ is manifest in meaningful and life-giving liturgical celebrations.
Provide all members of the community the opportunity for spiritual growth through religious education and formation programs and through sharing the richness of our faith.
Build a bond among members of our community by coming together, establishing personal relationships and helping one another as brothers and sisters in Christ.
Take ownership of this covenant by providing adequate physical surroundings, financial support and personal commitment.

Annual Sacred Heart Spring Festival
In June of 2005, Sacred Heart held the first of what is now an annual Spring Festival. The Family Festival is held each year on the first Saturday in June.

Arts & Environment
This group is responsible for decorating the church for the various liturgical seasons. They make the seasonal draperies, arrange flowers and plants, etc. in the church. They are the ones who work so hard to make the church look especially beautiful and festive at Christmas and Easter. Dianne Anderson is the contact person for this group. If you would like to help, call her at 703-670-3887.