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Advocacy at Sacred Heart

Do you have a heart for Social Justice? Change in laws and policies does not come by sitting home and complaining about it. As faithful citizens, we are obligated to help the process of change. There are many ways to do this. The easiest is writing a letter/email to your government officials.  More challenging is joining Dianne Anderson, Coordinator of Outreach Ministries in talking directly to elected government officials from local levels through the federal levels. This is mainly done by joining the voices of other churches by joining advocacy groups such as Virginia Catholic Conference, 

Virginia Interfaith, and Cooperative Council of Ministries to make sure matters of importance to the Catholic/Christian Community are brought to the attention of our Community Leaders. 

To learn more about these agencies follow these links:

Virginia Catholic Conference

Virginia Interfaith

Cooperative Council of Ministries

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Interested in volunteering? Please contact Dianne Anderson