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COVID-19 Updates

June 2 | Regarding Lifting of General Dispensation 
May 24 | From the Diocese:
On behalf of Bishop Burbidge, thank you for your perseverance during the past fourteen months. By God’s grace, we are near the end of this pandemic as the total number of new cases in Virginia was only 236 – down from a height of 10,000 in January. Because of these significant improvements, the Commonwealth is lifting nearly all of it guidelines on May 28th.
Executive Order (EO) 79 provides guidelines on masks in accordance with the CDC’s recent modification for those who are vaccinated. The Executive Order also terminates EO 72 (7th amendment), which had extensive guidelines for various sectors. The termination of EO 72 effectively eliminates social distancing and occupancy restrictions.
In response to these significant changes, Bishop Burbidge is lifting various guidelines enacted across the Diocese effective May 28. The changes are as follows:
Bishop Burbidge encourages all parishes to return to pre-COVID schedules for Masses, Adoration, and access to the Parish
- No occupancy limits on Mass attendance
- No social distancing
- No disinfecting or cleaning between Masses as expected during the pandemic
- At the pastor’s discretion, live-streamed Masses may still be offered out of solicitude for the homebound
As for face coverings:
- Fully vaccinated persons no longer need to wear a mask in any setting
- Unvaccinated persons are encouraged to wear face coverings per EO 79
- Priests should not inquire into the vaccination status of parishioners
- Priests should not bar parishioners not wearing masks from entering church buildings or the Mass
- At this time, Communion should continue under the Precious Body only
- The use of full Choirs may return to Mass
The following liturgical elements that were suspended during the pandemic may now be reintroduced:
- Holy water
- Procession
- Collection
- Offertory procession
- The sign of peace (without physical contact between non-family members)