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Father Devan India Mission

Father Devan India Mission

The committee was originally established in early 2019 to address specific needs observed personally by our former Parochial Vicar Father Devan Arockiasamy. As many recall, Father Devan was with us for seven years at Sacred Heart and is now a pastor in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. A combination of factors over the past year has made outside assistance even more urgent for his home village of Mittapalli in Tamil Nadu, including severe prolonged drought, water shortages, empty reservoirs, dried-up rivers, costly trucked-in water, and resulting food shortages. In addition, the coronavirus pandemic has resulted in Tamil Nadu having one of the highest death rates in India, as well as vigorously enforced lock-downs. These conditions have all contributed to forming the following mission statement.

Father Devan India Mission Statement:

In the spirit of evangelization, we, the parishioners of Sacred Heart Catholic Church, support the Father Devan India Mission by providing funds for him to obtain livestock, as well as agricultural and other resources, to sustain a healthier and improved life for the people in the village of Mittapalli. We do this with love, prayers, and support to meet needs identified and requested by Father Devan.

 This committee would normally meet at 7:30 PM in the church conference rooms.  For the duration of the COVID-19 crisis, actual physical meetings are unfortunately canceled until further notice.  However, during this period the committee encourages a continuing active exchange of ideas via the internet between the committee members and all parishioners, especially for fund-raising ideas to be implemented at a later date when social distancing is much less of an issue.  Please feel free to contact the committee Co-Chairs Dave Varnes at [email protected] or Jack Dillon at [email protected].net for more information.