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Sister Parish Committee

Mission Trip 2019

Where: To our Sister Parish in Honduras

When: June 25th until July 2nd

Who: Anyone middle school age or older (middle schoolers must be accompanied by a parent)

Cost: $1500 - many fundraisers available

For more information contact Dianne Anderson

We are joined in solidarity with our Sister Parish in Tamara, Honduras. We support the community with love and prayers as well as helping to meet essential needs. 

Sacred Heart’s Sister Parish Mission Statement: "I give you a new commandment: Love one another just as I have loved you. It is by your love for one another, that everyone will recognize you as my disciples." (John 13:34-35). Sacred Heart Catholic Church is a worshipping servant community dedicated to ministering to our members and to the greater community in the image given to us by Jesus. This ministry is centered around the sacraments and our acts of faith, hope, and charity.
Because of our Baptism, we are called by the Church to live in global solidarity with our brothers and sisters in faith. To be a truly Catholic parish Sacred Heart’s Community stands in solidarity with the parish community of Tamara, Honduras. Together in faith, we foster a mutual understanding of each other's culture and traditions and work toward a quality of life for all.

The Sister Parish Committee meets the first Monday of each month at 7:30 pm. 

Contact Information

If you want to volunteer please contact Dianne Anderson

Honduras 2016 Mission Trip Video