Where Prayerful Hearts Serve With Love

Women of Sacred Heart (WOSH)



Founded in March 1980, The Women of Sacred Heart (WOSH) supports parish activities, develops spiritual growth, and encourages a strong feeling of community among the women of our parish.


All women who are members of our Parish are members of WOSH. Attending our meetings is a great way to get to know one another and to share in our parish activities. For some, the family is far away, so it's reassuring and a comfort to know you have WOSH friends!

Parish Activities

WOSH is always ready to lend a hand to parish needs. Here is a sampling of activities in which we participate: First Communion and Confirmation receptions; Giving Tree; Parish Festival; Mardi Gras Dance; Easter Egg Hunt; assist parishioners with special needs or circumstances.

Funeral Ministry 

We try to provide food and serving help with after-funeral receptions here in the parish hall for the family and friends if they so desire. Right now this is usually done by the Women of Sacred Heart. We would like to get a Bereavement Committee started to handle this, as well as providing support and comfort to grieving families, arranging meals, etc.


Contact Sue Straka at (703) 794-1634.