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Sacred Heart’s Day of Prayer and Reflection

For more information on how to participate in, without attending, the

March for Life at Sacred Heart this year, see this link. 


Mass Times

Weekend Mass Times

Saturday | 5:00 PM - Streamed on YouTube
Sunday | 7:45, 9:45, 11:45 AM

Daily Mass - In The Church
Monday - Saturday 9:00 AM

By appointment
3:30 - 4:30 pm Saturday
7:00 - 8:00 pm Wednesday

Mask Policy:
Anyone 5 and under does not have to wear a mask. For everyone's protection, in compliance with Government Mandate, please wear face protection when entering Sacred Heart's facilities.

Ash Wednesday 2021

Office Hours

Monday - Friday | 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM
(Closed weekdays 12 PM -1 PM for staff lunch)
Saturday and Sunday | Closed

The building will be open until 5:00 pm each day for Personal Prayer and Food Pantry donations. The building will be open for scheduled Confession times.

(Weekend and evening hours will open back up after the Pandemic)

Live Stream Mass

The weekend mass will be streamed ON YOUTUBE <- Click the link to open the page. The stream will be live for the 5 PM mass as well as recorded for those who want to watch it on Sunday.


Bishop's Lenten Appeal 2021

Virtual Holy Hour

If you are not able to physically visit Sacred Heart, but would like to, here is a Virtual Holy Hour with footage from around the Church. We know it is not the same, but hope it provides aid to your prayer life. 


Parish Giving

If you are new to Parish Giving and want to see a tutorial on how to sign up go to this Youtube Video.

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Daily Reflection

A Daily Reflection:

On this day we remember all those who have died through the sin we call abortion. it is a day of prayer in which the church asks all Catholics and people of good will turn pray for the souls of not only those who died because of this sin against the most vulnerable of us but also pray for those who committed the sin and also those women who suffer now from the guilt of their actions. it is not a day to incite anger or violence, two wrongs do not bring about a right and have we not seen and experienced enough violence this past year. It is a day of pray and penance which means we get on our knees and seek God's grace that someday we will see an end to this inhuman action we call abortion. Next Friday in conjunction with the National March for Life which will be virtual this year Sacred Heart in union with Diocese of Arlington will have a day of prayer and penance more information will be found in the bulletin which can be found an our Web Site. The Beatitudes are a stark reminder that we as a Church and as a society have a long way to go to live up to the teachings of Jesus.

In God's love and peace.

Fr. Mike

Welcome to Sacred Heart


  • Sun, Jan 17th

  • Sun, Jan 10th

For Lectors and Eucharistic Ministers

For any members of Sacred Heart who are Lectors and Eucharistic Ministers, please call the parish office and let us know which Masses you would be willing to serve.  We completely understand if you do not feel comfortable returning to serve yet. 

Annual Pastor's Letter to the Parish

Dear Parishioners of Sacred Heart, 

Hopefully, in spite of the current situation, this letter finds you and yours safe and well. 

Each year, the Diocese asks its Pastors to give the Parish an account of the income and expenses from the previous fiscal year (included on the back of this letter). The last fiscal year ended with lower Mass attendance and consequently a slowdown of income due to the fact that no one was allowed to attend Mass in person. 

I was deeply touched that so many of you were very generous in keeping up with your contributions in spite of the situation. The parish continued to operate on a limited scale throughout the lockdown period and continues to do so given the state and Diocesan mandates and limitations. 

We took advantage of the “down-time,” so to speak, and completed some much-needed upgrades around the church facilities. Over the summer, we finally resurfaced the parking lot. We’re excited to say that the next time you drive through our parking lot, you will not have to dodge any potholes! Inside the church, we replaced all of the light fixtures with LEDs. We have upgraded our sound system and are in the process of adding outdoor speakers to better minister to anyone who feels more comfortable attending Mass outside. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, given the circumstances, we have installed a new virus-killing filtration system in the Church and some meeting rooms. We will continue to add this filtration system throughout our facilities. 

Perhaps you’ve heard me mention this already, but in efforts to provide better communication and to help manage the crowds that the Holiday Season brings, we have teamed up with Flocknote, an online event management tool that we will be using for the Christmas Masses. We will be providing further information and instructions regarding Flocknote in the next few weeks, so please stay tuned via the bulletin and on our Facebook page and website.

In regards to the recent raffle, ticket sales brought in a total of $31,705. The overall profit was $22,246 after the expenses totaled $9,459. The three winners were David Zaremski, Pat Charron, and Laurette Taylor. Congratulations to our winners and thank you to everyone who purchased tickets. 

Well, that about sums it up - this is the majority of what has been going on here at Sacred Heart. 

We are grateful to live in a time with such abundant and accessible digital communication tools that have made this time just a little easier. If you have any needs, please let us know, and we will do what we can to address them. 

In Christ, 

Fr. Mike Bazan, Pastor

(For a full Financial Report, please contact the Parish Office)


A Prayer to Jesus for Healing and Guidance

Jesus, Son of God,
you were sent by the Father
to bear our weakness;
be with us in this time of crisis.
Merciful Savior,
heal and comfort the sick,
so that, with heath restores,
they may give you praise.
Divine Physician,
accompany our caregivers
so that, serving with patience,
they may heal wisely.
Eternal Wisdom,
guide our leaders
so that, seeking remedies,
they may follow your light.
Christ, the Anointed,
protect us in body and spirit,
so that, freed from harm,
we may be delivered from all affliction.
Who lives and reign with God with Father
in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God, forever and ever.

From Our Bishop

 Pastoral Letter of Most Rev. Michael F. Burbidge, Bishop of Arlington

In Tongues, All Can Hear | Communicating the Hope of Christ in Times of Trial


Diocese of Arlington Child Protection

The Office of Child Protection and Victim Assistance provides opportunities to report abuse, heal from abuse, and find support. If you have questions, are looking for help from someone abusive and would like support, please visit our website at: https://www.arlingtondiocese.org/ChildProtection/.  If you would like to volunteer as a parishioner of Sacred Heart, click the above website and go to the volunteer button and fill out the online forms.  It will then be sent to our Liaison and forwarded to the Diocese. If you have any further questions you may call the office at 703-590-0030.   



Around the Diocese

Bishop Michael F. Burbidge celebrates the Catholic Diocese of Arlington's annual Chrism Mass at 10:30 a.m. Monday, Oct. 5, at the Cathedral of St. Thomas More in Arlington. The Mass, which is normally celebrated on Holy Thursday, was postponed this year. Here is a link to the live stream.

Uplift Arlington | October 28, 7:30 PM 

Join Bishop Burbidge at 7:30 pm on October 28th in prayer during a holy hour at the Cathedral of St. Thomas More and Via Livestream. During this evening with our Lord, we will pray for increased peace in our nation and communities.

Catholic Apostolate Center Podcast

St. Thomas Aquinas Regional School

Now accepting applications! Tuition Assistance is available - click HERE to learn more.

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