Where Prayerful Hands Serve With Love

Legion of Mary



Meets at Sacred Heart on Wednesday evenings at 7:00 p.m. in St. Mary's Room. 


The Legion of Mary is the largest Apostolic organization of laity in the Catholic Church, with over 6 million members. Active members strive to visit the sick, lonely, the old, in the hospitals or in their own homes; visit lapsed Catholics who want to return but are afraid of taking that step; visit every house in the Parish in the hope of bringing Christ’s message
to everyone.

Auxiliary members support the active members with their daily praying of the Tessara which is a set of special prayers and includes the rosary.

The Legion of Mary will help you to see Christ in others and to serve Him there; to become a holier person within yourself; to work hand in hand with Mary, our Mother; to submit yourself to the Holy Spirit; to do great things for God and for the salvation of souls.

Why join the Legion?

To take part in the apostolate of the Church because Christ has no hands to do His work but your most generous hands. He has no feet but your feet to help lead men into His ways. He has no tongue but yours to tell all how He died for them. He has no help but your help to bring men back to His side. He needs you today to do all His wonderful works of mercy.

Come as a guest to a Legion of Mary meeting and see the Legion from the inside.

Catena Legionis (click here for prayer)

For more information, call 703-590-0030.