Donate for repairs at Sacred Heart Church

Sacred Heart Chapel was amazingly moved from a few miles down the road by being taken down and rebuilt by loving hands that serve.  The Holy Sacrafice of the Mass and sacraments were celebrated in our beloved chapel for many generations... until growth needed to occur for the growing number of people coming to the chapel.  Sacred Heart was designated a parish in 1984 and then Fr Ready under Bishop Keating’s direction undertook building the current Sacred Heart church building in 1992 through 1994.  The Chapel and Church need little and BIG repairs.  Consider making a donation of your time to help making repairs (especially if you have a talent or profession in an area of expertise) or making a financial donation so that we can continue to provide a safe and holy place to pray.  If you would like to meet with the Facility Manager to make a donation for a specific larger project please call office for Matthew Dankoski or email him: facility@shcva.org   We have some exciting new projects that will need your assistance to accomplish!  Thank you for coming to Jesus here at Sacred Heart and trusting him to heal your heart!