Liturgical Ministries

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The goal of the Liturgy Program is to deepen our awareness of God’s love for every Sacred Heart parishioner. This calls for a sense of community and involvement. We are all called upon to participate and contribute to liturgical celebration according to our ministries. 

Altar Care Guild

The Altar Care Guild is responsible for setting up the altar, credence table, offertory table, etc. for Mass, care of votive lights, tabernacle and altar candles, care of altar linens, polishing and cleaning candleholders, ciboria, etc.  
Contact:  Stacey Shurtliff  703-330-4433  staceylvt@me.com

Arts & Environment

This ministry is responsible for decorating the church for the various liturgical seasons.
Contact: Kelly Thomas  703-405-2222

Altar Servers

Any boy or girl, grade 4 and older, is encouraged to become an altar server and assist the priest at Mass and other liturgical celebrations.
Contact: Deacon Tim Slayter  703-590-0030   tims@shcva.org

Eucharistic Ministers

Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist assist the priest and deacon in distributing the Eucharist at Mass. They also bring the Eucharist to those who are sick and/or homebound. Those interested in becoming Eucharistic Ministers need to participate in a diocesan training session and then be mandated by the Bishop for a period of 5 years. The training sessions are held every spring.
Contact: 703-590-0030

 Gift Bearers

Families are encouraged to participate at Mass by bringing up the gifts during the offertory procession. Let the ushers know if you and your family would like to bring up the gifts.


Lectors proclaim the Word of God at Mass. They also read the General Intercessions and any announcements that may be necessary.
Contact:  Joe Marshall  703-791-4119   voyagerjoe@verizon.net


Ushers provide a welcoming face to all those who come to Mass. They assist people in finding a seat and take up the collection during the offertory.  We are always in need of new ushers but especially for Sunday masses.
Contact:  Sharon (Mack) Allen  smack6@verizon.net