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Sacred Heart Mission Ministry

Sacred Heart Mission Ministry consists of 3 different committees, Father Bieting Mission, Honduras Mission and India Mission


The Father Bieting Appalachian Mission Center is in Louisa Kentucky and serves the Appalachian area. This mission is supported by the card sales done by the Women of Sacred Heart. Please follow the link for more information on Father Beiting Appalachian Mission Center.

The Honduras Committee was formed in 2011 to plan our first mission trip to Honduras. The committee works in solidarity with the Missionary Sisters of Mariam and the people of Tamara Honduras. Tamara is a community of about 2500 people approx. 30 miles outside Tegucigalpa.

There have been 2 mission trips, the first in 2013 and a second in 2016. A third trip was planned for 2019 however due to civil unrest in Honduras we decided to cancel the trip. The main focus on the first 2 trips was the restoration of the historic church, however with both trips events were held to help build community with the people of Tamara. Household items and clothing were also distributed. Moving forward with the committee the long-term goal is to continue to support the community as needed. We show ongoing support to the community by sending cartons of requested items and clothing. The Sisters are our main contact and keep us informed of what is happening in the community. The Sisters also support a free clinic for the community, supplies for this clinic have been included in the donations sent to Tamara. The committee would like to plan another mission trip but at this time no plans have been made due to travel restrictions to the country. 

The Father Devan India Committee

This committee was formed in 2019. Father Devan requested support to help make the village of Mittapalli become an example of how to improve and become more productive for other villages in India. At this time the intention of the committee is to raise money to support this cause 

Mission Statement:

In the spirit of evangelization, we the parishioners of Sacred Heart Catholic Church support the Father Devan India Mission by providing funds for him to obtain livestock, as well as agricultural and other resources, to sustain a healthier and improved life for the people in the village of Mittapalli. We do this with love, prayers and support to meet needs identified and requested by Father Devan.

These committees are currently on hiatus.