Bible Study

Join the Virtual Saturday Morning Bible Sharing Group 

We meet virtually every Saturday at 8:00 am, preparing ourselves for the Sunday liturgies! We read and share reactions to and insights on the Liturgical readings for Sunday, i.e., First Reading from the Old Testament; Second Reading from the New Testament; the Psalm; and the Gospel. We do not try to interpret the Bible for anyone or to teach what the Catholic Church says about a particular reading. (A few of us have enough understanding of the Bible to answer simple questions.) The group's purpose is to grow spiritually by reading and reflecting on God's Word and by sharing how God is working in our lives. What we share in the group remains in the group. We maintain each other's confidence and are considerate of each other's feelings and views. We start with communal prayer and spontaneous petitions. To join the Bible Sharing Group, please contact, Sam Aganad through his email [email protected]. In your email please provide your phone number so guidance on how to join can be shared. 

Meetings: 8 am, Saturday, Virtually 

Contact: Sam Aganad, [email protected], 703.680.5678